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- GC399R1 - Evil Mikro # 9 - Obrazok

VeeN - Active TB/GC (56)
TB1E7XKSlovak Geocoin 2007 [bronze]-Collection-
TB1E7XXVeeN and Julcek's Slovak Geocoin-Collection-
TB1HAPMSlovak Geocoin 2007 [silver]-Collection-
TB1HAR5VeeN sterling silver jewellery-Collection-
TB2Y6RAGolem Team Geocoin MM2012 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB3D3BCSlovakia Flag Micro Geocoin 2010 [silver]-Collection-
TB3FBYBSlovakia Flag Micro Geocoin 2010 [black]-Collection-
TB4APEPSlovak Geocoin 2012 [silver]-Collection-
TB4APKQSlovak Geocoin 2012 [bronze]-Collection-
TB4DRYWSlovak 2011 Geocoin [LL-4listok]-Collection-
TB4DRZ0Slovak 2011 Geocoin [VeeN-4listok]-Collection-
TB4QNDKCorsair Legends - Francis Drake Geocoin 2012 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57KTBKrasna Horka (antique bronze color) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57KWFKrasna Horka (foggy gold color) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57KZAKrasna Horka (chrome color) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57M09Krasna Horka (gold color) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57M36Krasna Horka (antique silver color) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57M4GKrasna Horka (antique cooper color) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57M6ZKrasna Horka (antique bronze) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57M87Krasna Horka (antique silver) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57M9BKrasna Horka (antique cooper) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57MA1Krasna Horka (foggy gold) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57MANKrasna Horka (chrome) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB57MBAKrasna Horka (gold) [VeeN]-Collection-
TB5AXC7Star Gate Geocoin - Horus 2012 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB5EAG5Star Gate Geocoin - Sutech 2012 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB5G1J2Star Gate Geocoin - Anubis 2012 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB5H0YJStar Gate Geocoin - RA 2012 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB5MX24Star Gate Geocoin - Serpent Warrior 2013 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB5VXP5LL - personal tracking code-Collection-
TB5VXP6VeeN - personal tracking code-Collection-
TB65GNZStar Gate Geocoin - Thor 2014 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB6ETH7Slovak GeoAwards 2014 Geocoin (silver) [VeeN&Julcek]-Collection-
TB6ET16Slovak GeoAwards 2014 Geocoin (copper) [VeeN&Julcek]-Collection-
TB77PV4Flash Mob XII Geocoin [2015]-Collection-
TB6ET3CVeeN&Julcek GEOAuto-Collection-
TB6409CVeeN's FTF Micro Coin-Collection-
TB5A6V2The Ultimate End Geocoin [VeeN]-Collection-
TB69P9550 Year Calendar Geocoin [VeeN]-Collection-
TB6JG26-= [VeeN] =--Collection-
TB6RW76Signal the Frog Travel Tag 2016 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB7VNQQWWFM XIII Geocoin 2016 [VeeN]-Collection-
TB75MEJI Met Signal Tag [2016]-Collection-
TB8CPRKSkola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry [LL]-Collection-
TB8CPD2Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry [VeeN]-Collection-
TB82DG6Cache Hunter JENNIFER-Collection-
TB8MP60Great Moravia 2017 T-shirt LL-Collection-
TB8M494Great Moravia 2017 T-shirt VeeN-Collection-
TB83JZ1Community Volunteers Tag VeeN&LL-Collection-
TB8P2EFMary Hyde's Treasure for VeeN-Collection-
TB8EVEVGreat Moravia 2017 Geocoin VeeN-Collection-
TB8K9G9Magic: The Gathering, Ixalan Treasure Piece - VeeN-Collection-

VeeN - Lost & Inactive TB/GC (3)
TB11K3VBART of futureGC17ZPP: Stary mlyn - Symbolicky cintorin pre GC a TB
TB11XZMBad CORSAIRGC17ZPP: Stary mlyn - Symbolicky cintorin pre GC a TB
TB11ZJALion-tourist (VeeN)GC17ZPP: Stary mlyn - Symbolicky cintorin pre GC a TB
BART of future

VeeN sterling silver jewellery

In the hands of tikiboo

Lion-tourist (VeeN)

VeeN and Julcek's Slovak Geocoin

In the hands of sirmi

VeeN sterling silver jewellery

Krasna Horka
gold gold gold (color)
foggy gold foggy gold foggy gold (color)
antique silver anique silver antique silver (color)
chrome chrome chrome (color)
antique bronze anique bronze antique bronze (color)
antique cooper anique cooper antique cooper (color)

Star Gate
Horus HORUS Horus
Sutech SUTECH Sutech
Anubis ANUBIS Anubis

Francis Drake
F.Drake F. Drake F.Drake

GeoAwards_silver GeoAwards 2014 (silver) GeoAwards_silver
GeoAwards_copper GeoAwards 2014 (copper) GeoAwards_copper
GeoAwards 2018 [VeeN]
GeoAwards 2018



Golem Team Geocoin MM2012 [VeeN]
golem golem

50 Year Calendar Geocoin [VeeN]
50 rocny kalendar

The Ultimate End Geocoin [VeeN]
The Ultimate End Geocoin

Signal the Frog Travel Tag
Signal the Frog Travel Tag

Great Moravia 2017
damske tricko GreatMoravia2017 panske tricko GreatMoravia2017

Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry
Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry,Antique Copper Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry,Antique Copper
Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry,Antique Nickel Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry,Antique Nickel

Cache Hunter JENNIFER
Cache Hunter JENNIFER

Community Volunteers Tag VeeN&LL
Community Volunteers Tag VeeN&LL

Magic: The Gathering, Ixalan
Magic: The Gathering, Ixalan

Great Moravia 2019
GreatMoravia2019 antique-silver GreatMoravia2019 antique-silver-gold GreatMoravia2019 antique-gold

Slovenská republika Eeská Republika Greece Austria Italy Hungary Deutschland Sachsen Netherlands Leap Day 2012 Slovenia MEGA MORAVIA 2012 Rzeczpospolita Polska 12-12-12 Geocaching Get Outdoors Day 31 Days of Geocaching 17 / 31 Int'l Geocaching Day Bayern GEOCOINFEST EUROPE 2013 - Prague Geocaching in Space United Kingdom World Wide Flash Mob 2014 The Sightseer The Collector The Explorer International Geocaching Day 2014 The Puzzler The Nature Lover The Achiever The Socializer Slovak GeoAwards 2014 Pi Day 3.14.15 - Event Pi Day 3.14.15 - Mystery Cache 15 Years of Geocaching Fun with Favorites Meet Your Road Trip Crew Let's Get Extreme Road Trip Hero Put On Your Thinking Cap High-Five for the Earth International Geocaching Day 2015 International EarthCache Day 2015 Belgium Denmark Hello 2016 Goodbye 2015 Leap Day Weekend 2016 Leap Day 2016 Favorites Are Forever One Cache Is Not Enough Mission GC Accomplished The International Cache of Mystery Slovak GeoAwards 2016 International EarthCache Day 2016 Haunted Hides Where in the world is Signal? Dönerstag 2017 3 million active geocaches: Thank you! Celebrating 3 million active geocaches CITO Week, April 2017 Blue Switch Day 2017 Skola v prirode - Vysoke Tatry Where in the World is Signal? Canada Day 2017 International Geocaching Day 2017 GREAT MORAVIA 2017 CITO Week, September 2017 International EarthCache Day 2017 GIFF 2017 Last Cache of 2017 First Cache of 2018 Where in the World is Signal? Australia Day 2018 France CITO Week, April 2018 Skola v prirode - Liptovska Mara Spain Portugal International Geocaching Day 2018 You might be an Adrenaline Junkie if... Slovak GeoAwards 2018 CITO Week, September 2018 International EarthCache Day 2018 You might be a Caching Connoisseur if... You might be a Social Butterfly if? GIFF 2018 Luxembourg You might be a Trackable Lover if? CITO 2019 Season 1 Great Moravia - AfterParty 2019 Ke?eriáda 2019 Turkey Malta Munster Dublin Skola v prirode - Poklad na Striebornom jazere Mystery at the Museum: Briefed on the case Mystery at the Museum: Evidence collected Mystery at the Museum: Jewels recovered Mystery at the Museum: Case closed International Geocaching Day 2019 Streak Week: August 2019 Praga Astronomica CITO 2019 Season 2 International EarthCache Day 2019 New York State United States of America Liechtenstein Switzerland Baden-Württemberg Saarland Nordrhein-Westfalen Rheinland-Pfalz Hessen GIFF 2019 3, 2, 1 Go! Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020 Fun in all directions Leap Day 2020 Leap Day 2020 - Brno Blue Switch Day 2020 2020 Community Celebration Event Memory Lane: First geocache hidden Memory Lane: First geocoin Memory Lane: One million geocaches hidden Memory Lane: First Mega-Event ?kola v prírode - Skalka pri Kremnici Memory Lane: 20 years of geocaching

31 Days of Geocaching
31 Days of Geocaching
The lost treasure of Mary Hyde
Mary Hyde
July 15-16 2017 - Build your crew by attending or hosting an event and earn a souvenir.

Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties!

July 17 - 23 2017 - Earn 30 gold coins collectively with your crew to earn the first map piece souvenir from July 17-23, 2017 Though the treasure may seem far away, if you work together you'll earn the first map piece one day.

July 24 - 30 2017 - Don't be afraid to take the lead, to earn the next map piece you already have everything that you need! This week, you can work individually to find a trackable or drop one anew, you'll earn 10 coins for every one that you do. Remember, you can gather gold coins on the Friend League in more than one way, so review the points below to decide how you want to play! Earn 10 gold coins from July 24-30, 2017 to earn the second map piece souvenir!

July 31 - August 6 2017 - This week, work with your crew to collect 35 gold coins on the Friend League and earn the next map piece souvenir! This week, earn 10 points for finding and logging a Multi-cache. When you work with a crew, earning the third map piece becomes easier to do.

August 7 - 13 2017 - Week four and you're working alone: Get on board and receive the fourth map piece souvenir when you collect 25 gold coins individually. Earn more gold by finding a geocache with a high difficulty or terrain rating. Challenge yourself to earn the last piece, or else the search for lost treasure will never cease.
Mary Hyde: Weigh Anchor Mary Hyde: Smuggler's Cove Mary Hyde: Cuts and Keys Mary Hyde: Batten Down The Hatches The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde

Planetary Pursuit
Planetary Pursuit
Planetary Pursuit: Earth Planetary Pursuit: Venus Planetary Pursuit: Mercury Planetary Pursuit: Mars Planetary Pursuit: Jupiter
Planetary Pursuit: Saturn Planetary Pursuit: Uranus Planetary Pursuit: Neptune Planetary Pursuit: Pluto Official Space Explorer

Hidden Creatures
Hidden Creatures
My Carnival

Memory Lane
Memory Lane
Trackables Moved/Discovered